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Worldwide Real-Time System Consulting, Engineering &, Architecture Consulting, Embedded System Architecture & Technical Audits.


Worldwide Real-Time Consulting and Distributed Real-Time Consulting
           Architecture, Software, and Hardware Engineering Consulting, Embedded System Consulting

Time-Critical Technologies provides real-time system consulting services which includes engineering and architecture consulting and Technical audits worldwide.  Distributed real-time embedded system consulting and contract services by E. Douglas Jensen, an original pioneer in—who is continuously aware of and contributing to the state of the art of—distributed real-time and real-time systems.

I have four decades of understanding—and contributing to—both the theory, and the best practices, of real-time and distributed real-time systems.

I have decades of experience doing real-time system consulting, including unparalled knowledge and success in distributed real-time systems.

My real-time consulting services at all levels of an enterprise include:

• Architecture Consulting
• Engineering Consulting
• Design
• Implementation

• Technical Audits
• Courses

• Technical meetings
• Project Management
• Embedded System Architecture
• Business Development
• Proposals
• Progress, interim, and final reports

• Start-ups
• IP Expert Witness

DoD Time-Critical Technologies specializes in DoD systems, but I have significant experience in civilian (e.g., industrial automation) systems as well.

  • I work at all levels of an enterprise, from small devices to combat/sensor platforms to network-centric BMC2. My DoD systems experience covers the whole gamut of environments—space, surveillance and combat aircraft, surface and subsurface ships, and ground vehicles.
  • I have an active DoD security clearance.

Technologies Time-Critical Technologies' software technology expertise includes (but is not limited to)

  • Real-time and distributed real-time: scheduling, Java, CORBA, DDS, middleware, operating systems, resource management, concurrency control, synchronization, and fault management.
  • I am also experienced with real-time management of DoD exogeneous devices—AESA radars, other sensors, missiles and other weapons, etc.—and networks (tactical data links, etc.).
  • I have extensive large scale COTS and custom hardware design and implementation experience, from logic design to architecture.

Dynamic Real-Time Time-Critical Technologies' principal E. Douglas Jensen is the uniquely qualified leader in the complex field of dynamic real-time and distributed real-time systems—particularly common in DoD contexts, but also found in civilian contexts such as industrial automation, telecommunications, etc. I refer to such systems as "time-critical systems." Traditional real-time systems are a special—i.e., static—subset of time-critical systems.

  • Dynamic real-time systems are far more difficult to design than static ones because they have some combination of: unknown task arrival times; computer, network, sensor, etc. loading (including transient and steady state overloads); “Byzantine General” cyberattacks (e.g., nodes maliciously providing false information); transient and permanent partial failures of the end-point nodes and network paths; end-points leaving and re-joining the network (e.g., mobile nodes); variable network path latencies and bandwidths; mission changes.
  • Despite these inherent dynamic uncertainties, the system must be adaptive to achieve the best task and system timeliness and predictability that is possible, according to users' needs under the circumstances—just as people adapt their. Traditional static real-time concepts and techniques do not apply.

Teaming Time-Critical Technologies also teams with other companies and with universities on federal government contracts such as SBIRs and STTRs.

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