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Time-Critical Technologies is a totally unique consulting firm for the general case of dynamic real-time, distributed real-time, and cyber-physical systems--including DoD classified ones--with a track record of client successes.

It is the only consulting firm that pioneered, and specializes in, the great many real-time systems that

  • are dynamic due to inherent uncertainties, such as task arrivals, execution durations, execution completions, and resource conflicts
  • must nevertheless assure acceptable satisfaction of timeliness and predictability constraints as best as feasible under the current circumstances, according to application-specific criteria. Examples in the real world include:
    • minimizing the number of missed deadlines, or minimizing either the maximum or the mean tardiness, with (say) probability >0.9
    • completing all the most important tasks, and (say) >80% of the less important tasks, at times which result in the highest collective utility to the application.

Accommodating frequent uncertainties while nonetheless seeking the most satisfactory timeliness and predictability of timeliness is familiar to everyone:

  • in everyday personal and professional life, such as trying to reach an automobile destination as closely as feasible to a designated time with a specified degree of predictability, despite weather and road traffic conditions, etc.
  • in warfare, sending guidance updates to interceptor missiles to defend against multiple enemy cruise missiles, intercepting as close as possible to the most important ones, despite conflicts for sensors, tactical data networks, battle management computer processing, etc.

The traditional predominately static subset of real-time computing does not accommodate dynamic systems (there are numerous other consultants for those).

E. Douglas (Doug) Jensen, internationally recognized real-time systems pioneer and thought leader in both the principles and the practices of dynamic real-time systems, is the Principal Consultant of Time-Critical Technologies.

Time-Critical Technologies provides deeply knowledgeable consulting in real-time software and hardware:

• Architecture
• Engineering
• Design
• Implementation

• Technical Audits
• Courses

• Technical Meetings
• Project Management
• C-Level & BoD Advice
• Business Development

• Proposals and Reports
• IP Expert Witness

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Updated: May 31, 2017